Meeka & Rebecca | Queens County Farm | One Free Wedding

“One Free Wedding” is all about couples who work to help others. Every year, in an effort to give back, I offer my photography services for free to one couple who are dedicated to making their community a better place.

When Meeka and Rebecca first got in touch almost a year ago all they had was a date and their excitement about getting married. Their plan was to keep it humble, celebrating with the family and friends they had begun to share over four years of dating. Both Rebecca and Meeka work professionally to give back to their community in amazing ways.

There may have been tropical storm-level downpours the entire day but it did not stop the full on group effort from creating a gorgeous day. And then there was the partying. Lots of it.


And for the first time on my blog I’m excited to also be sharing a video by Love + Brain Films.

Photographer: Corey Torpie

Video: Love + Brain  Films

Event Planner: Qiana Brost (friend)

DJ: Asere Bello (friend)

Celebrant: Patricia Thomas (friend)

Makeup: Heather Joseph (friend)

Photobooth: Lumi8 Photobooth

Gown: David’s Bridal

Caterer: Bassett Caterers